Our Process

From your house hunt to your move-in day, your NRL loan originator will walk you through every stage of the journey to your new home.


The Steps to a Perfect Home Loan

Asset verifications. Debt to income ratios. Home inspections. Is your head spinning yet? The process of getting a mortgage can seem confusing and overwhelming, but once you understand what to expect it’s not so intimidating.


Sign Initial Disclosures

Your initial disclosure package including your loan estimate is finalized and sent to you to review and sign. You have the option to consent to signing and reviewing documents electronically.


Verifications Ordered

Your loan processor goes to work getting your file in order. The property appraisal, title report, and verifications are ordered. You will receive a list of documents or other information you need to provide before your file can be submitted to underwriting.


Send Additional Documents

Gather any supporting documents and send them to your loan originator. Keep things simple by using the online portal to upload your documents!


Submit to Underwriting

Your processor will gather and sort any supporting documents you provided, then submit your file to underwriting for the conditional approval.


Conditional Approval

If everything in your file is in order, the underwriter will issue a conditional approval. Your loan originator or processor will explain the conditions to you and let you know if any additional documents are needed.


Resubmit To Underwriter

Your team at NRL will work on clearing the conditions they are responsible for while you gather any additional documentation that was requested. Your processor organizes your file and prepares it to be resubmitted to underwriting for a clear to close.


Clear to Close

Once a clear to close is issued, your file is sent to the closing team and you'll receive your closing disclosure. Don’t forget to bring verified funds and your photo ID to closing and get ready to celebrate your new home!